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  • Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn's patrol years were short before she was soon needed to rise to leadership. Her predecessor died very suddenly and Gwendolyn became one of the youngest Mouse Guard matriarchs known in recorded history. The weight of leadership fell hard on her …

  • Rand

    After receiving a serious wound to his his left knee during the Winter War of 1149, his career as a patrol mouse was unfortunately cut short. This wound kept him at Lockhaven to act as Captain of Lockhaven's defences while monitoring the comings-and- …

  • Alwyn

    Quiet and reserved, he takes his job seriously, he has trained some of the best mice in the guard. He is Gwendolyn's primary mentor, overseeing training and testing of new recruits.

  • Vidar

    A legendary Patrol leader and Alwyn’s partner in the guard. He is known for his bold action and ability to turn any situation to his advantage. He carries an Owl Beak Axe with which he returned after weeks of absence, thought lost to the same owl he …

  • Sylvia

    Very intelligent for her age. She grew up in libraries and as a result is quiet and timid. She is also one of the cutest mice in Lockhaven.

  • Fin

    Lives for excitement, ale parties and stories. Hails from the lake regions, used to serving pirates and has their manors.

  • Cale

    Married to Byrnn the weaver, he is a good hard worker mouse. He gets more done that anyone else but never seems to have free time.

  • Moira

    More at home in the insect catacombs than in the open air, she has a rather macabre personality that can take some getting used to. Prefers the company of the colony to other mice. Has an intimidating pet beetle.

  • Byrnn

    Married to Cale the harvester, she shares his disposition, is strong and beautiful and elegant. Presentation is everything to her.

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